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Getting Started

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Our goal is to make the financing process as easy as possible and to create a product that best fits the needs of our customers. The best way to assist Scope in completing a prompt review of your loan request is to provide the following information:

  1. Application with signatures (Click here)
  2. Financial documentation (Click here)
  3. An aircraft spec sheet (Note: If you’re interested in refinancing, please provide recent airframe and engine log entries.)

The Process: From Application to Beyond Closing

Gathering Information:

Submit the items needed to a Scope representative. You can email us at or 800-357-5773 with questions about the application process.

Underwriting and Approval:

  • We order a credit report and a background check.
  • We evaluate your credit and cash flow from the information provided.
  • We may ask for additional detail such as the aircraft’s intended use, your financial information, etc.
  • After satisfactory cash flow and aircraft analyses are completed, Scope will offer terms expected to mutually benefit you and the bank.


  • Upon acceptance of quoted terms, a closing date will be set.
  • A title report is ordered. Any liens on the aircraft must be released before funding.
  • Scope must be listed as lien-holder on the aircraft’s insurance certificate before funding. We can contact your insurance agent to coordinate our requirements.
  • Documents will be overnighted to you for signature.
  • All required documents must be signed and in position either with Scope Aircraft Finance or an escrow agent before funding can occur.

After Closing:

  • We will send you an executed copy of the loan documents.
  • Monthly invoices showing breakdown of principal and interest payments will be sent to the address of your choice.
  • A check-free payment option is available to save you time and money.
  • A post-closing title search is ordered to verify the title has been properly recorded.
  • The Scope team will be available to you now and in the future!
Ready to get started? Click here for our application!