Scope Leasing, Inc. dba Scope Aircraft Finance

Electronic Services Agreement and Disclosure


To Our Valued Online Banking Customers:


Those of us who utilize the Internet to conduct business understand the importance of having formal agreements in place between each of us individually and our service providers. We greatly appreciate the relationship we have with you through our Electronic Services (Services). Occasionally, we make changes to improve how we provide Services and the changes require that we amend the agreement between us.


By using, visiting, or browsing our Services you accept and agree to be bound by the terms within our Electronic Services Agreement and Disclosure. The most current version of the Agreement will supersede all previous versions.


We encourage you to read the entire agreement and if you have questions or comments, please contact us. We welcome your feedback.


Within the Electronic Services Agreement and Disclosure the words "we", "us", "our" or "Scope" mean Scope Leasing, Inc. dba Scope Aircraft Finance (Scope). "You" and "your" refer to the account holder and "account" or "accounts" means your accounts at Scope. The Electronic Services Agreement and Disclosure (the "Agreement") provides information regarding Scope’s Loan Payment Notice services. This Agreement is the contract between you and Scope and you should read this Agreement carefully prior to accepting the Agreement. You may print a copy of the agreement to keep with your other important account records and for future reference.


Definitions: "Paperless Loan Payment Notice" means the electronic loan payment notice provided to you via Services, which reflects transactions and fees that have been posted to your account. The current Loan Payment Notice sent to you via U. S. Mail will be discontinued. This Agreement, in conjunction, with the Aircraft Installment Note and Security Agreement and other supplemental disclosures provided to you at loan closing and may have been sent to you separately via U.S. Mail explain your rights and obligations as well as Scope’s rights and responsibilities. You should understand that by using or allowing others to use the Services, you have agreed to abide by and be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Should you need a printed copy of Scope’s disclosures, just ask us or write us at the address on Scope’s website.


Types of Online Banking Services Available to you

Authorized and Related Account(s) Eligible for Services: You will tell us which account(s) you or others you may authorize to access your Services. Scope reserves the right to: (1) refuse to include any account among your Authorized and Related Accounts; or (2) may allow only certain transactions between or among your Authorized and Related Account(s), if Scope is prohibited by state and/or federal law to do so or if circumstances become known to us that would prohibit access because of law enforcement or regulatory action.


Computer Specifications: It is your responsibility to obtain and maintain the communication links required to use our Services, such as Internet service provider, telecommunications companies and any other authority identified by you.


Password and Virus Protection: At all times your account ID and password should be secured and kept confidential. Any computer virus or related technology or software problems that may occur with your computer are your responsibility. Scope recommends that you routinely scan your computer and related media using a reliable virus detection product. For more information about Password Protection and Set-Up go to our Website Security Section. Learn More.


Consent to Electronic Delivery of Loan Payment Notices: You agree that any notice or other types of communication provided to you or others you may authorize pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, and any future disclosures required by law may be made electronically by posting the notice on Scope’s website or by email. You agree to notify Scope immediately if you change your email address.


Important Information Regarding Electronic Communication: If you chose our Paperless Loan Payment Notice for any of your accounts or if it is required by the terms of a particular type of account, you agree to receive your loan payment notice(s) electronically via Services and to discontinue receiving paper loan payment notices. It also means that you agree to receive online any legal notices and other information affecting your accounts that would otherwise have been included with your paper loan payment notice, including, but not limited to, account agreements, fee schedules, privacy and other regulatory notices, and amendments to any of those documents.


In order to access your loan payment notice electronically, you must have a computer with internet access and a browser. And to print and retain your online loan payment notices, you will need a printer attached to your computer.


When your online Paperless Loan Payment Notice is available, you will receive an email notification to your external Internet email address. This is the external email address you previously provided to Scope. If your email notification is returned to us undeliverable, we may discontinue Paperless Loan Payment Notice services and mail your paper loan payment notices via U. S. Mail. There may be a charge subsequent paper loan payment notices.


If your email address changes, you must provide us with your new email address by contacting us at or the telephone number listed on Scope’s website or write us at Scope’s address on the website. Regardless of your receipt of email notification, you agree that our posting of the Paperless Loan Payment Notice on the Scope website constitutes delivery of your loan payment notice. You agree to log on to the Scope website at least once a month to review your loan payment notices.


If you would like a paper copy of any loan payment notice, please contact us at or call us at the telephone number listed on Scope’s website or write us at Scope’s address on the website. We may charge a fee for each loan payment notice copy you request.


You may elect to withdraw consent to receive your loan payment notice in electronic format. To withdraw consent, please contact Scope.


Your Right to Terminate: You may cancel Services at any time by providing Scope with written notice by postal mail. Your access to Services will be suspended three (3) business days after Scope’s receipt of your instructions to cancel the service. You will remain responsible for all outstanding fees and charges incurred prior to the date of cancellation.


Scope’s Right to Terminate: You agree that Scope can terminate or limit your access to Services for any of the following reasons in whole or in part, any time without prior notice.

Changes to this Agreement and Disclosure

Except as otherwise required by state or federal laws or regulations, Scope may change the terms and conditions of this Agreement from time to time and at any time. When changes are made to the Agreement Scope will post the revised Agreement on Scope’s website. Changes will become effective when posted to the website and you may be required to "accept" or "decline" the changes. If state or federal laws or regulations require advance notice of the changes, Scope will adhere to all notification requirements in accordance with state or federal laws and/or regulations.


I have read this Agreement and Disclosure and agree to the terms and conditions.


Effective 09/1/2017